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Semen Bank

We Bring Hopes to Your Desires

Sperm CryoTM, Human Semen Bank is a division of Sperm Processor and is helping couples to realize their dreams of starting or growing families since 1998.

The frozen semen samples are IUI Ready i.e. No need of processing the semen sample after thawing.

  • Assured personal & confidential care
  • 0.5ml quantity in each Sample
  • Concentration of 60-70 million/ml with recovered motility of 70%
  • Specimen supplied with required reports

Report Format

Donor No. Blood Group Height B. S. Skin Colour Eye Colour Hair Colour Vial
103 O Rh +ve 5'.8" M W B B 1
  B. S. (Bone structure) : M - Medium        
  Skin :                            W - Wheatish        
  Eye :                            B - Black        
  Hair :                             B - Black        
  The Donor is Negative for HIV I & II, HBsAg, VDRL.

Donor Catalogue

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Specimen Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum of 20 million motile sperm per sample.

Variation in sperm counting can range 15-30% based on different laboratories, individual medical personnel and counting methods.

Our Semen Bank is
ISO 13485:2003 Certified